Welcome to Avalon Grove

Celtic Cross

Avalon Grove is an unconventional, progressive Celtic Christian house church located in Weaverville in the mountains of North Carolina, just a fifteen minute drive from downtown Asheville.  We meet eight times a year to honor the ancient Celtic holidays, outdoors when weather permits or indoors when it is cold or rainy.

We see God as our loving Mother and Father, and we follow Christ as our savior. We believe God’s love holds the key to living a happier life. We also love and honor Mother Earth for the gift of life she gives to us all, and we honor and respect her beloved children in all their infinite varieties.

We have had ongoing contact with Faeries since 1997, and our experiences have significantly influenced our religious beliefs.  As a result, worship services at Avalon Grove are less formal than those you might find at more traditional Celtic Christian churches.

Our goal is to offer an inclusive, open-minded, non-judgmental church, where visitors of all faiths, races, and nationalities are welcome. You can read more about us and our beliefs here. We hope those who join us for holiday services will discover new ways to integrate Celtic spirituality into their daily lives in today’s changing world.

Celtic Holiday Services

Below are dates for this year’s Celtic holiday services. In the event of winter weather on the date of an event, please call ahead (828-645-2674) for information on driving conditions in our area.


  • Sat, Feb 2, 3:00 pm – Imbolc . . Brighid’s Day . . Brigantia . . Candlemas
  • Sun, March 17, 3:00 pm – Ostara . .  Spring Equinox . . Vernal Equinox . . Easter . .  St. Patrick’s Day . . Alban Eiler (“Light of the Earth”)
  • Sun, April 28, 3:00 pm – Beltane . . May Day
  • Sat, June 22, 3:00 pm – Litha . . Summer Solstice . . Midsummer . . Alban Heruin (“Light of the Shore”)
  • Sat, Aug 3, 3:00 pm – Lughnasadh . .  Lammas . . Assumption of Mary
  • Sun, Sept 22,  3:00 pm – Mabon . . Autumn Equinox . . Autumnal Equinox . . Michaelmas . . Alban Elued (“Light of the Water”)
  • Sun, Oct 27, 3:00 pm – Samhain . . All Hallows Eve . . Halloween . . All Saints’ Day . . All Souls’ Day . . Day of the Dead . . Celtic New Year
  • Sat, Dec 21, 3:00 pm – Yule . . Winter Solstice . . Christmas . . Alban Arthuan (“Light of Arthur”)

WE REGRET THAT ALL SERVICES ARE CURRENTLY  CANCELLED DUE TO HEALTH ISSUES.  To be notified if services begin again, please sign up for the email group below.  Thank you!

If you would like to receive Celtic holiday reminders, please sign up for our email group or like us on Facebook.  We hope you will join us soon for a holiday service.