Origin & Future

Weaverville, NCWe would like to explain how the name Avalon Grove originated.  In the ancient days of King Arthur and Queen Gwenhwyfar of Britain, a school located upon the Isle of Avalon was the source for many sacred spiritual teachings. Avalon served as a training ground for priests and priestesses, as well as for others who wished to study the ancient traditions. There were both Human teachers and teachers from the Faerie tribes. Though Avalon left the physical realm long ago, it still exists and flourishes in the spirit realm of Tir na n’Og.

The Faerie have a tradition of holding their sacred gatherings within a great grove of trees. They sometimes refer to themselves as walking trees, with their roots reaching deep within the Great Mother Earth and their arms stretching upward toward the Holy Family. It is our desire and that of our beloved teachers, family and friends, the Celtic Faerie, that a new Avalon will take root in the mountains of North Carolina. The name Avalon Grove comes from our desire to recreate Avalon in the physical world and our hope that those who visit will experience such a deep connection with the Holy Family and Mother Earth that they will begin to see themselves as walking trees, a new Human Grove.

Future of Avalon Grove

Avalon Grove Celtic holiday services are currently held at our home in Weaverville near Asheville, NC. We believe that the future holds changes for Avalon Grove, for we have been given visions of a larger Avalon Grove that may come into existence one day.

The future Avalon Grove holds forest land and walking trails that wind through the trees. Celtic holiday services are sometimes held in an open area within the forest.

There also exists a ring of tall standing stones, like the ring of stones at Avebury in England. Services are sometimes held within this powerful ring of stones, but they can also serve as a quiet spot for meditation or contemplation.

There is a small mountain, which visitors sometimes climb. This part of the land comes to be known as Mount Druid, and visitors might spend a night alone upon the summit on their own personal spirit quest.

Meandering through the property is a beautiful mountain stream that eventually feeds into a small lake, from which fog rises up on cool mountain mornings.

The future Avalon Grove will become an environmental protector, both of land we receive funds to purchase and land that is donated to Avalon Grove to hold and protect in perpetuity. When someone donates land to Avalon Grove, it will never be sold or bartered for other “better” pieces of land. All land is sacred and deserves to be held safe.

There is a magical house that already exists upon some of the land we are given to safekeep.  The house has numerous bedrooms, a large finished basement, and a walk-up attic.  It may even hold a ballroom that stands empty now, awaiting dancers of the future to bring it to life once more.

There are both flower gardens and vegetable gardens. These gardens provide beauty for the eye and food for the table, but they also serve as a training ground for those who wish to learn simple gardening skills.

There is a barn that may eventually hold various animals. These animals will be loved for themselves, but they will also help people who have never milked a goat or collected an egg learn how to do these simple tasks. At the beginning, there will be dogs and cats, but they could eventually be joined by a variety of parrots, goats, sheep, llamas, chickens, ducks, geese, Canadian geese (who arrive on the lake and don’t leave), horses, donkeys, buffalo, a Brahma bull, and a potbellied pig. This does not even include the wild animals, who will occasionally be glimpsed passing through the forest.

The Celtic church at Avalon Grove will grow and evolve over time. In good weather, gatherings will be held in the forest or in the circle of stones, but on bad weather days, the church will move indoors to the lower level of the house or to an existing building on the land. In time, a church may be built upon an open area of the property.  Should this happen, it will be a magical, mystical gathering place that will provide protection from the elements, but also bring nature right inside the building. No matter how magical the church, however, it will never replace the beauty of nature, and so, in good weather, Avalon Grove services will continue to be held outdoors.

Many people will visit this future Avalon Grove. They will come to attend the Celtic church services and holiday gatherings and to enjoy the magic of the land. Some will also come to attend classes and workshops given by us and other Human teachers and also by the Faire Folke themselves. Those who come to Avalon Grove will learn the ways of the Faerie and the Humans of old. They will hear magical tales of the Faerie and the ancient Celtic peoples, but they will also learn skills from the days before modern technology. They will find, in the not too distance future, that what they learn here will stand them in good stead when today’s technology can no longer meet their needs.

There may be an Airbnb house available for visitors, and if those same visitors wander the forest pathways, they might be surprised by an encounter with one or more of the Faire Folke.

We see that one day, when times become harder and travel is more difficult, it is possible that some children whose parents have been lost to war, famine, or disease will come to call Avalon Grove their new home. They will be well-loved and will, in turn, learn to love and care deeply for Mother Earth and those who live upon her.

We see that long after Jesus has returned to Mother Earth, and the wars and environmental devastation have come to an end, Avalon Grove will live on as a place of beauty and learning for both Humans and Faire Folke.

Though we do not have the money to buy or build the things we have seen, we know the Mother and Father Creator can perform miracles. We pray and believe that the time is right for a miracle to happen. We also believe miracles can come through people we have never met before, at least in this lifetime.

If you have been called by the Mother and Father to help us, please send email to Avalon Grove or contact us by phone at 828-645-2674. You can also donate directly by sending cash, check or money order to:

Avalon Grove
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We also gratefully accept your prayers to bring about a miracle for us and for those who will come to visit the new Avalon Grove when it appears in the mountains of North Carolina.

May the blessings of the Mother and Father fill your life with joy,

Merlin and Ealilithea and the Faire Folke of Tir na n’Og